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Katrid Filter Poly Ray

Update Terakhir
09 / 06 / 2021
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1 Unit


Kami adalah perusahaan produsen dan penyalur barang-barang keperluan industri, diantaranya : Pengolahan air bersih dan air minum diantaranya : filter air bersih, filter air PAM, filter air sumur, filter air sungai, filter air danau, filter air limbah, filter softener, filter demineraliser, filter besi dan mangan, filter RO alkalin

Detail Katrid Filter Poly Ray

Jual katrid filter poly ray untuk pengolahan air, ukuran saringan lebih presisi dengan ukuran saringan sampai dengan 0,2 micron,

Constructed of melt-blown polypropylene fiber media, Poly-Ray pleated filter combine exceptional solids holding capacities with precise micron ratings than depth filters. The double sheets of melt-blown media are layered to provide absolute particle retention, high solid loading and long service life. Poly-Ray filter are also designed for membrane’s pre-filtration.

Features & Benefits

  • Double-layers structure, absolute efficiency filter. (Absolute rating 99.9% ; β rate=1000)
  • Filtration area more than 0.5m², low pressure drop, high capacity of dust and long service life.
  • 100% PP for compatibility with a wide range of process
  • Manufactured in clean room, highly clean cartridge.
  • Pre-flush with 18 Megohm-cm DI water, TOC content is lower than 40
  • End caps and connectors sealed by thermal bond, free of
  • Certificated by USP XXXIII and FDA CFR Title
  • End configurations to fit all standard housings.

Product specifications

  • Pore size : Absolute Rating 0.2, 0.45, 1, 5, 10, 20micron
  • Materials of construction: 100% melt- blown micro-denier PP fiber
  • Support : PP fiber
  • End Cap & Core : High Strength PP
  • O-ring Material : EPDM, Buna N, Silicone, Viton, Viton encapsulated PFA
  • Filtration Area : >0.5m²
  • Length :10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
  • Inner Diameter: 28 mm Outer Diameter: 69 mm

Operation conditions

  • Maximum operating pressure drop: 95°C:4 kg/cm², 60°C:2.8 kg/cm², 20°C:4.9 kg/cm²
  • Recommended replaceable pressure drop:5 kg/cm²
  • Maximum operating temperature: 95°C
  • Sterilization:121°C,30 min 10times

Applications for product

  • Pre-filter of membrane
  • Filtration of cleaning process in CD-ROM, DVD-ROM
  • Pre-filter of DI water
  • Filtration of cooling water system (PCW).
  • Clarification of beer or beverage manufacture.
  • Filtration of medium & low viscosity fluids of

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