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  • Pompa kimia chemical pump Mapcato MP 50052

Pompa kimia chemical pump Mapcato MP 50052

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01 / 11 / 2023
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1 Unit


Kami adalah perusahaan produsen dan penyalur barang-barang keperluan industri, diantaranya : Pengolahan air bersih dan air minum diantaranya : filter air bersih, filter air PAM, filter air sumur, filter air sungai, filter air danau, filter air limbah, filter softener, filter demineraliser, filter besi dan mangan, filter RO alkalin

Detail Pompa Kimia Chemical Pump Mapcato MP 50052

Jual pompa kimia sentrifugal Mapcato MP 50052 untuk aplikasi transfer dan sirkulasi bahan kimia.

Jual pompa kimia sentrifugal (centrifugal chemical pump) Mapcato MP 50052 untuk aplikasi transfer dan sirkulasi bahan kimia, air laut, liquid-liquid kimia yang korosif dapat menggunakan pompa jenis ini karena materialnya terbuat dari poly-propylene.

Spesifikasi pompa kimia Mapcato MP 50052 Self priming chemical pump :

Model : MP 50052

RPM : 2900 RPM 50 Hz

Power : 5HP

Flow (max) : 450 LPM

Head (max) : 26 M

Discharge : 50 mm x 50 mm


Chemical industry : sodium carbonate industry (production of hypochlorous acid, secondary chemical product ); production of fluoride, chemical fertilizer, cycle of reactive liquid of gas absorb tower, abstract grease (sulfuric acid); recycle & reactivation system of waste acid subtance; transport of strong acid between chemical factory and transport vehicle.

Pharmaceuticals industry : Production of luminophor (EL) for semiconductor, pesticides, medicine, water treatment agent.

Electric plate : Cycle filter kinds of electroplating liquid.

Photograph processing : At-one photograph system; X film, wash out of black and white, colour and solid potograph.

Electric appliance : Production of chemical capacitor (erosion by alum inurn film), Transport electrolyte for manufacture of dry battery and accumulator, Etching circuit board; Transfer hight purity of chemical liquid during the manufacture of semiconductor.

Metal industry : Treatment decive for aluminum oxide film; wire stretching; oil elimination and acid cleaning for steel rolling; oil elimination and acid cleaning before painting of vehicle; production of oxidized titanium and rare-earth element.

Mineral industry : Fusion metallurgy (Transport and recycle the electrolyte); handling, waste liquid.

Food industry : Production of gluconic acid (hydrochloric acid); abstracting cooking, oil (sulfuric acid); potted fruit industry (hydrochloric acid)

Medicine remedy : Man-made kidney and heart, ultrasonic washing machine and various of medical equipment.

Water treatment : Cleaning ion excgange resin; pure water production equipment; sea-water desalting equipment.

Pollution controll : Add waste water treatment agent to medical liquid tank; collect and transport waste liquid; waste gas absorb equipment (deodorization equipment, desulfurisation before waste gas discharge).

Other application : Applied in silver recycle, wafer manufacture, laboratory-ice making, machine, drinking machine, living boiler, heating exchange machine, solar energy system, dyeing, laser system, water spouting pool, rearing pond fish jar etc.

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